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Sandra Bloodworth

Marxist Thinkers: Who was George Lukacs?

Marxism 2011
Lily Campbell

A people's history of the Vietnam war

Socialism 2018
Mick Armstrong

Lenin's What Is to Be Done: a re-interpretation

Marxism 2009
Vashti Fox, Jairus Banaji

Muslim merchants and Venetian traders: a brief history of commercial capitalism

Marxism 2021
Eleanor Morley

Understanding imperialism do Lenin and Bukharin’s theories still hold up?

Marxism 2021
Sagar Sanyal

Marxist debates over caste and class in India

Marxism 2017
Vinil Kumar

No Pasaran! Revolution in Spain 1936

Socialism 2016
Lian Jenvey

The early years of the Chinese Communist Party

Marxism 2008
Tom Bramble, April Holcombe

Strikes, corruption and economic slowdown - China in crisis

Socialism 2015
Ben Hillier

An introduction To Marx's "Capital"

Marxism 2007
Grace Hill

Anarchist vs Marxist approaches to the climate crisis

Marxism 2021
Jordan Humphreys

Antonio Gramsci On Working Class Hegemony

Socialism 2015
Sandra Bloodworth

The Paris Commune 1871 150th anniversary of the first workers revolution

Marxism 2021
Corey Oakley

A socialist history of free speech

Marxism 2021
Sandra Bloodworth

An Early Egalitarian Society: Revolution in the Neolithic Age

Marxism 2010
April Holcombe

When Humanitarianism Becomes Imperialism: Aid in the Developing World

Marxism 2018
Eamonn Mccann

Free Derry: the struggle for civil rights in Ireland in the 1960s and 1970s

Marxism 2015
Ben Hillier

Tony Cliff and the Theory of State Capitalism in Russia

Marxism 2010
Priya De

Fanon's Wretched of the Earth

Socialism 2019
Ben Hillier

Marxist Foundations: The ABC of Marxist Economics

Marxism 2011

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